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Sports Memorabilia Display Cases

Our Sports Memorabilia Display Cases are handsome, solid wood cases perfect for displaying your favorite sports memorabilia. Each display case is designed to meet specific needs, and is intended to be as unique as the articles it showcases. Our Sports Memorabilia Series lets you create one impressive exhibit. The quality and design of each case is a testament to our commitment to the pride you take in these special belongings. And so, we strive to showcase them prominently.

aboutimage Each case features an eye-catching wood frame that draws attention to your display. Along with the distinct frame, the backing is designed to smartly showcase your items. Your items are mounted easily, safely, and inconspicuously against the back panel, using the specialty hardware included with your case – its elegance is in its simplicity. Damaging your prized possessions is not an option. The wall-hanging system on the back side ensures that the display case attaches securely to the wall, protecting your valuables. Everything you’ll need to do a professional job is included. The only thing missing is the items you’ll display.

We design and build display cases that you won’t find anywhere else. They’re the perfect blend of form and function. Classic appointments and rich detailing make them heirloom quality. Each Sports Memorabilia Display is designed to tell a story. Why trust your memories and special pieces to anything less?

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Sports Memorabilia Display Case
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Sports Memorabilia Display Case
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Sports Memorabilia Display Case
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