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Music Memorabilia Frames

“Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy.”

    -    Ludwig van Beethoven

Since the dawn of time, music has captivated the hearts, minds, and ears of peoples and nations across the world. The timeless qualities of classical, the pounding rhythm of blues, the sparkling intonations of jazz, and even the twangy, comfortable drawl of modern country music all play a part in the musical soul of America, and good music is something everyone, everywhere can appreciate.

If you’re a musician, or one of your family members is a musician, help celebrate the wonder of music with one of the music memorabilia display cases from Home Display Cases. Whether you’re an accomplished composer or a doting mother, you know the joys of tune and timbre, harmony and melody. You also probably have some old musical instruments or memorabilia that mean much to you, and that you can’t bring yourself to sell. Now you can share the joys of music with everyone you know by capturing that it in one of our specially designed shadow boxes for music memorabilia!

Whether you’re looking for a large display case for sheet music you’ve written, or one of our guitar shadow boxes for that old acoustic, our music memorabilia frames can rejuvenate and bring life back to your old instruments, allowing you to display their importance with pride and passion.

If you’re looking to start with something simple, our Premier Edition Memorabilia Display Cases make the perfect shadow boxes for music memorabilia. With an exterior measurement of 33” x 25” x 4.5”, and an interior viewing space of 28” x 20” x 2.5”, Premier Edition Memorabilia Display Cases may not be quite large enough to act as guitar shadow boxes, but , they can easily display smaller instruments like violins or clarinets. This display case offers a high quality 3.0” gallery wood frame coupled with a traditional green felt interior backing that provides a crisp and comfortable accent for wood-tone instruments and sheet music alike.  Further, instead of glass our music memorabilia cases incorporate 0.125” clear acrylic which is twenty times stronger than glass and provides exceptional protection of harmful UV rays.

But if you’re looking for guitar shadow boxes, look no further than our Designer Music Memorabilia Display Case. These gorgeous guitar display cases measure up at 41” x 29” x 4.5” at the outside and 36” x 24” x 2.5” inside, ample room to make this item the perfect guitar display case for electric or acoustic guitars alike. The darkened 3.0” gallery wood frame is accented by gold leaf internal trim, and the dual toned black and blue diagonally striped background perfectly frames the instrument of your choice. While originally designed as guitar shadow boxes, these display masterpieces are ideal for musical instruments of any kind. Even better, after mounting your chosen instrument, your Designer Music Memorabilia Display Case will still offer plenty of room for picks, sheet music, newspaper clippings, or whatever other media you prefer.

Bring your memorabilia to life. Now you can have a display that captures the essence of those memorable belongings. Impressive in appearance, each Music Memorabilia Display Case is specifically designed to showcase its subject. Choice quality frames and rich wood finishes make these nothing short of heirloom quality.

Everything youíll need to do a professional job is included. From the specialty hardware and proprietary mounting system, to the choice of finishes and frame styles; itís all there in the box. Sturdy wall hangers are installed to ensure your wall display sits securely and tightly against the wall for a clean look. The only thing you need are those special pieces for display. We welcome your pictures and comments, as we truly share your enthusiasm.

Factory direct not only saves you money; it ensures you that we have the ability to stand behind every product. Your satisfaction is our foremost concern. We build more than great cases, we build lasting relationships.

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