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Guitar Display Cases for Home, Office, or Studio

Guitar Display Case Exclusive
This Guitar Display Case is certainly impressive in appearance, and is specifically designed to showcase your favorite electric guitar when space is an issue. The wood frame swings open whenever you'd like access to your instrument. The museum quality wood frame and rich finish on...
Regular Price: $559.00
Sale Price: $359.00
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If youíre looking for a line of guitar display cases that complements the detail and workmanship of your guitar, look no further. Nothing else come even close, and certainly not at these great prices. Beginning with our Exclusive Guitar Display Case Series on through our Limited Edition Series, these gorgeous guitar display cases provide ample room to detail your display into a distinctive one of a kind guitar display.

Guitars are a work of craftsmanship unto themselves. From the original acoustic guitars that date back thousands of years to the more modern electric guitars made from polycarbonates, these musical instruments can make the best display pieces. At Home Display Cases, our guitar display cases are built to complement your instrument by incorporating workmanship and details like the guitars themselves that they are designed to display.

We strive to make your guitar display prominently, for more than just their craftsmanship; itís their place in music history. Beginning with the earliest classical guitar on up through the guitars that ushered in blues and soul and onto the eras of jazz, rock and heavy metal.

Today, we find people that have become serious collectors of these famed instruments, most notably the electric guitar. From the early Les Paul Gibson guitars and Leoís Fender Music came musicians from every quarter to make their mark in music. Rollin Stone cites the top guitar players like Keith Richards, Carlos Santana and Jerry Garcia as having shaped music history and set the bar on how guitar legends were born.

Many of our cases feature a darkened 3.0Ē gallery style wood frame that is accented by gold leaf internal trim. The most popular of our line of wall mount cases, is the dual toned black and blue diagonally striped background that perfectly frames the instrument of your choice. Even better, after mounting your chosen instrument, your Guitar Display Case will still offer plenty of room for picks, sheet music, newspaper clippings, or whatever other accent items you prefer.

All of our Guitar Display Cases feature one of our hallmark wooden frames which make it a true music memorabilia display case. These decorative wooden frames have a brass latch and piano hinges that attach it to the finely finished wood shadow box cabinet. That way you can easily access your valued items when they are otherwise securely latched shut. The choice fabrics that cover the specialty foam and wood backing not only complement, but bring your display to life. Everything youíll need to do a professional job is included. From the specialty hardware and proprietary mounting system to the secure wall hangers to ensure your display sits tightly against the wall, itís in the box. The only thing missing are your special pieces for display.

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Guitar Display Case Exclusive
Regular Price: $559.00
Sale Price: $359.00
Guitar Display Case
Regular Price: $759.00
Sale Price: $375.00
Guitar Display Case Acoustic & Bass
Regular Price: $729.00
Sale Price: $449.00

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