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Finally, a selection of gun display cases that actually complement the detail and craftsmanship of your firearms. Inspired by the likes of Winchester, Remington, Smith & Wesson, Colt, Browning Arms Company, and Glock, Home Display Cases is on a mission: to craft wooden gun cabinets featuring the same workmanship and pride that went into building these firearms over the centuries.

aboutimage Showcase Your Passion for Guns
Each gun display case has been masterfully crafted to match the splendor of your favorite firearms. Artfully devised, these display cases are masterpieces unto themselves. Classic appointments and rich detailing result in firearm display cases as valuable as the items they preserve.

Our gun display cases are ideal for mounting and showcasing:
  • Antique guns
  • Rifles
  • Pistols
  • Shotguns
  • Collectible guns
  • Hunting guns and memorabilia
  • Law enforcement guns, badges, and career memorabilia
High Quality Guns Deserve High Caliber Gun Display Cases
The beauty and craftsmanship that define your guns deserves a gun display case of equal caliber. Each of our gun display cases features a museum-quality wooden frame that opens easily for access and latches shut to safeguard your most cherished firearms. The surrounding furniture-grade cabinet mounts flat against the wall for a clean finish and a built-in appearance that you expect in a wall display case.

Displaying and Mounting Guns is Easier than You Think
If you're concerned about handing over your prized firearms to a professional framer, mounting your guns and related items yourself is easier than you think. You do not need any special training or artistic talent to create a stunning gun display with our display case system. Our rifle display cases feature special mounting hardware that makes it easy to create a stunning showcase Our proprietary backing system lets you arrange a dramatic pistol display case while safely mounting your items. The hardware is both secure and inconspicuous. Elegant, yet simple, we've designed this mounting system to be easy and safe. The wall-hanging system ensures that each of these wall display cases is attached securely. We're focused on protecting your valuables; damaging your prized firearms is not an option!

Buy Gun Display Cases Factory Direct and Save
Not only does buying direct save you money on these finely crafted rifle and shotgun display cases, it comes with peace of mind. We stand behind every case that we make with a two year warranty and a commitment to your complete satisfaction. We also serve as your single source for questions, customer support, or advice.

We build more than great firearm cases - we build lasting relationships. We are as passionate about our display cases as you are in your firearms and collectibles. After creating your display, feel free to share your photos and stories with us.

But first, you'll need a gun display case. Our product pages are loaded with pictures and detailed descriptions so that you can select the perfect case for your firearms, not to mention some great sword display cases. We pride ourselves in shipping your order within 3-5 business days and offer free ground shipping in the continental U.S. Browse our online showroom to find display cases for guns, swords, replicas, collectible rifles, shotguns and pistols.


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Home Display Cases offers the highest quality wall mounted, wooden
display cases and shadow boxes for the home and office.