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Rifle Display Case
This Safari Edition rifle display case is for putting your favorite gun in your favorite place. All wood construction and handsomely appointed. Everything you need to do a professional looking job is in the box, all you need to add is your special rifle. This trophy quality wood...
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Sale Price: $359.00
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More than many of the things we acquire or inherit during our lifetimes, rifles are works of craftsmanship and grandeur unto themselves. Too often these magnificent pieces are hidden away and scarcely seen, except for on those fine autumn days. Our rifle display cabinets and rifle display cases showcase these exquisite pieces while protecting them from prying hands.


Rifle Display Cases

“A vote is like a rifle; its usefulness depends upon the character of the user.”

    -    Theodore Roosevelt

Rifles have long been one of the symbols of American life, and have historically been heirlooms handed down through history, bearing the signs and scars of ancestry as they passed from one generation to the next. Often a tool used to feed the family, sometimes a rite of passage, and always a means of self-defense, the rifle is, and will ever be, a stalwart symbol of American industriousness and individualism.

At Home Display Cases, our custom rifle display cases, sometimes also referred to as rifle shadow boxes, are designed to purposefully ensure that your well-loved rifle retains a place of honor in your household. Whether over the fireplace, in the den, or even above the desk in your office, immortalizing your rifle in a wood rifle display case allows your friends and family to admire the workmanship of your favored firearm for years to come.

Our Classic Series Rifle Display Case is by far the most compact and affordable offering from our inventory of rifle wall display cases. With an exterior measuring in at 19” x 53” x 5.5” and an interior measurement of 12.5” x 46.5” x 3.25”, this rifle display case will easily accommodate nearly any commonly manufactured rifle, and most antique or customized rifles. The interior is matted with traditional green felt, the high quality gallery wood frame is 3.0” wide, and the interior of the frame is accented with gold leaf trim to provide a pleasant and appealing finishing touch.

For more enthusiastic rifle collectors or sportsmen, the Dual Rifle Showcase Gun Display Case grants you the opportunity to pair up two of your favorite rifles and present them together. The exterior dimensions on this rifle display case are 25” x 54” x 6”, and interior dimensions are 18.5” x 46.5” x 3.25”, granting you all the space you need to compare or contrast any two rifles of your choosing. This handsome and sturdy gun display case offers a gorgeous 3.5” Renaissance wood frame of impeccable quality, and a dark, rich interior fabric that provides a realistic English leather appearance.

The Premier Edition Rifle Display Case is crafted with the same quality and craftsmanship as the Dual Rifle Showcase, but is designed for a single rifle instead of two. While it has the same high quality 3.5” Renaissance wood frame, and the same rich leather-style interior fabric texture, the Premier Edition Rifle Display Case measures  19” x 53” x 6” on the outside and 12.5” x 46.5” x 3.25” on the inside, granting you enough room for a full size rifle, as well as a few accessory items like unfired rounds, magazines, or optical equipment.

All our rifle display cases implement 0.125” clear acrylic composite instead of glass, increasing the sturdiness and durability of your rifle display case, in addition to providing substantial UV blocking characteristics, reducing wear and age on your displayed items.

These rifle cases are nothing short of heirloom quality, and you'll be proud to mount them in your home. Our rifle display cases are perfect for:

  • Displaying collectible rifles
  • Displaying antique rifles
  • Displaying one or two rifles
  • Commemorating marksmanship achievements
  • Telling stories as unique as the rifles
  • And more. . .

Each of our gun cases is finely detailed, made with pride and superior craftsmanship, and is built to withstand the test of time. Gracing the front is a gallery-quality wood frame that makes a distinctive statement about the quality of the rifle held inside while also drawing attention to your display. Not only do these handsome frames set the stage, they also provide access to the interior with piano hinges at the top and a brass hinge at the bottom. Stronger than glass, the acrylic glazing protects your rifle display from the elements as well as from inquisitive admirers.

The furniture-grade side cabinet supports the frame and provides depth. No matter what angle the finished cabinet is viewed from, it's stunning. Our wall hanging system, which is pre-attached to the back of the case, keeps the cabinet flush to the wall, giving it a built-in appearance once hung.

The interior backing has been designed to showcase the rifle case's contents. Our designers have selected fabrics and patterns perfectly suited for rifle displays. We also provide accessories and mounting hardware specific to each display. For example, inset frames for pictures allow you to tell the whole story while specialty mounting hardware discreetly holds your special items in place. We provide everything necessary for arranging a stunning single or dual rifle display. Our display case coupled with your imagination is sure to captivate the viewer.

Like well-known rifle manufacturers, we take pride in building a distinctive product suitable for handing down from generation to generation. All products come with a 90-day product warranty and ship within five business days. We offer free ground shipping to locations within the continental U.S.

Buying factory direct not only provides you with significant savings; it also gives you a single point of contact for questions, service, and support. Unlike many retailers and online stores, we're able to stand behind each and every product, because we make them.


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Rifle Display Case
Regular Price: $689.00
Sale Price: $359.00
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