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Shotgun Display Cases

Shotgun Display Case Select Series
The Shotgun Display Case from our Select Series is the perfect blend of form and elegance. This display case holds one shotgun with interior frame for that special photo. Mounted over a wilderness map on black felt background, your firearm makes a handsome display. Our wall mount...
Regular Price: $599.00
Sale Price: $349.00
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Shotgun Display Cases

“The guys who don’t pattern their shotgun are the ones who have no idea why they missed.”

    -    Wil Askew

Shotguns are as much a part of Americana as baseball and apple pie. Whether competition shooting, or sitting in a duck blind near a lake in the frigid morning air, shotguns are as ubiquitous in our nation as apple pie.

Movies and popular culture have much to make the shotgun famous, and the signature click-clack of a pump action shotgun round loading in the chamber is familiar enough to give even the most hardened Mafioso pause, and the silhouette of the Remington model 870 is the most widely known of any firearm in the world.

At Home Display Cases, we understand how important firearms can be for both individuals and families. Sometimes heirlooms handed down for generations, many collectible shotguns have the weight of history carved into their stocks, and the solid reliability of days long past.

For the dedicated shotgun connoisseur, a shotgun display frame or a shotgun shadow box is the perfect retirement for a venerated firearm that might be a bit too old to shoot, but that’s still pretty enough to look at.

For standard décor, our Single Gun Series Shotgun Display Case is the ideal hanging shotgun display frame for a single rifle-sized shotgun. With an exterior of 21” x 54” x 6” and an internal mounting area of 14” x 48” x 3.25”, this shotgun shadow box offers more than enough room for your favorite street sweeper, as well as additional room for a few mounted rounds, optics, or additional memorabilia. The thick 3.5” frame of authentic burl wood is polished to a shine, and perfectly accents the rich brown leather-style interior fabric overlay. The traditional style and coloring of this hanging shotgun display frame make it an ideal choice for an antique 12 ga display case.

If you prefer a more dazzling display of firepower, our Premier Shotgun Display Case offers enough room for two full-sized shotguns and a handful of gear. This larger hanging shotgun display frame measures in at 29” x 53” x 5.5” around the exterior and provides 24” x 48” x 3.25” of usable internal volume. The polished burl wood frame is 3.0” wide, and the leather-style interior fabric is laid over an extra deep foam insert, ensuring maximum stability for your mounted shotguns. The viewable covering is 0.125” acrylic rather than standard glass, providing additional security as well as protection against the weathering effects of ultraviolet light.

 But if you’re looking to display something special, our Select Series Shotgun Display Case is a display frame created to showcase the most prized of firearms. Dimensions are 21” x 54” x 6” at the exterior and 14” x 48” x 3.25” on the inside – large enough to house nearly any shotgun in the world. The 3.5” walnut wood frame is perfectly crafted, and the interior setting is black velvet with a patterned marble overlay. This one is something special – make sure the shotgun you display in this unique hanging shotgun display case is special as well.

Our Shotgun Series Display Cases genuinely complement the detail and craftsmanship that make your firearms so special. Each shotgun display case is built to be as exquisite and captivating as the guns mounted inside. With distinctive styling, fine finishes, and a meticulous presentation that showcases your passion, these displays cases are true masterpieces that invite the spectator to take an appreciative look at your firearms.

Our shotgun display cases are perfect for displaying:
  • Antique shotguns
  • Vintage shotguns
  • Modern shotguns
  • Shotguns as art
  • Hunting memories
  • And more. . .
Heirloom Quality Shotgun Display Cases
Gorgeous wood frames embellish the front while also providing interior access when needed. The frame is hinged on top of a furniture-grade side cabinet that mounts tightly against the wall for a “built-in” appearance and a clean finish. The interior backings come in a variety of colors and styles and work beautifully with our specialty mounting system.

As the display case manufacturer, we designed each case in our shotgun display case series to showcase the items they were intended for. Each display case is made to evoke memories, and your shotgun plays a starring role. With accent frames, matting, and a choice of backgrounds, we provide you with a platform for storytelling. These details bring your display to life, supporting your story with a unique look and character.

Everything needed to do a professional mounting job is included. From the specialty hardware and proprietary mounting system to the rugged wall hangers installed on the back to ensure your display sits securely and tightly against the wall, we've thought of everything. All that's missing are those special shotguns you want to display. We share your enthusiasm and welcome your pictures and comments.

Buy Shotgun Display Cases Factory Direct and Reap the Benefits
We build these eye-catching shotgun display cases and back up our work with a 90-day warranty. Not only do we offer exceptional quality, we also offer factory-direct savings and free ground shipping (continental U.S.). In addition, we turn around all orders within five business days of receiving the order. Order your shotgun display case today and get ready to create an impressive display that you'll cherish for generations.


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Shotgun Display Case Select Series
Regular Price: $599.00
Sale Price: $349.00
Shotgun Display Case
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Shotgun Display Case Single Gun Series
Regular Price: $599.00
Sale Price: $349.00

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