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Home Display Cases offers the most sought after wall mount display cabinets available. Designed for showcasing your collectibles, memorabilia, militaria and
that special gun, knife or sword collection, the elegance of our display cases and shadow boxes transcends time. Whether you want to display your passion for sports or keep a special collectible safe, you'll find the most beautiful and functional wood display cases right here.


Display Cases for Collectibles

We’d like to welcome you to Home Display Cases, the industry leader in professional quality collectible and memorabilia display cases.

Here at Home Display Cases, you will find a tremendous variety of display cases for collectibles, each one designed to capture your most important and vibrant memories in rich and luxurious detail. You’ll have no trouble hanging display cases purchased from our website – each one is crafted with quality in mind, and comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. Our wall mounted cases are for safeguarding your investment and guaranteeing that your keepsakes are properly displayed for years to come.

Each of our display cases is crafted for a specific form of media or subject matter, and each is finished in painstaking and intricate detail, ensuring that our display boxes provide all the appeal and aesthetics that your favorite memories deserve. Each is constructed from museum-quality wood frames, and each provides an original background. As you can see, our display cases and shadow boxes are unique works of art in their own right.

Since the sizes, colors, compositions, and designs of display cases available from Home Display Cases .com are targeted toward a specific kind of memorabilia or content, the final display will be a synergistic combination of the items you wish to showcase and the artistry of the case itself, creating a gorgeous and memorable treasure that your friends and family will love.

Types of Display Cases

You may be looking for a flag display case to house an important folded American flag your family wants to remember. Our Military Display Cases afford you the room and opportunity to embellish the presentation of your flag with medals, patches, or perhaps even a sword, sidearm, or important letter. In addition, the vibrant red and white background colors of this case will blend perfectly with the blue of a folded American flag. Finally, unlike many military shadow boxes, our entire display case is built around a deep foam background, ensuring that you can secure even the heaviest of items safely and securely, eliminating any risk of damage to any items stored in your case.

We are also the leading provider of gun display cases and offer many styles and sizes designed to house a specific type of firearm. Our Rifle Display Cases are the highest quality anywhere. Our Classic Series Rifle Display Case provides room for a single full-sized rifle or shotgun, as well as a few additional elements, framed by a traditional green felt background. Alternatively, our Sportsman Series Pistol Display Case offers room for a sidearm and holster, framed in an eye catching leather-style background and dark textured frame.

For the baseball enthusiast, our baseball display cases come in three different sizes that allow you to choose the most appropriate framing for your needs. Further, each baseball display case provides a unique and appealing background color and texture scheme, granting you a multitude of customization options.

For musicians, we offer several types of music memorabilia boxes, including a specially designed larger model that is ideally suited as a guitar display case. This guitar display case offers two-toned, diagonally-oriented black and blue felt backing that perfectly accents both modern and classical guitars.

Whatever your display case needs, Home Display Cases is dedicated to providing you with superior quality, aesthetic accents, and detailed finishes that will showcase your memories perfectly for generations.

Furniture-Quality Display Cases
Each wall mounted display case is masterfully crafted. We're as proud of our display cases as you are of your most cherished possessions – a winning combination that ensures your memories are artfully showcased. These home display cases are masterpieces unto themselves with classic appointments that make them as captivating and unique as the memories they preserve. Like shadowboxes, our display cases are available in select sizes, but with museum-quality wooden frames and several different interiors. The frame provides easy interior access and can be latched to safeguard the display items within.

The interior mounting panel, which comes in select colors and features specially fabricated mounting hardware, allows you to easily arrange and securely attach your treasures. This wall display case has been designed with simplicity, ease of use, and protection of your objects in mind - damaging your memories is never an option! The wall-hanging system securely attaches the display case to the wall, again protecting your valuables. The furniture-grade case mounts flat against the wall, giving it both a clean finish and a “built-in” appearance.

Showcase Your Memories
Unlike other cases and shadowboxes, our display cases include everything you need to do a professional and secure job. The only things missing are your imagination and your most treasured items. Wheather you're looking for a gun display case, mititary shadow boxes, or just a great display case for collectibles, our display cases are ideal for showcasing:
  • Sports memorabilia
  • Guns, pistols, coins, and other collectibles
  • Family memories like births and weddings
  • Baseball, basketball and hockey jerseys
  • Military and academic awards and achievements
  • Special occasions like graduation or retirement
  • Items that make you unique
Explore our catalog and find the perfect display case for collectibles and memory boxes for your most cherished times.

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Home Display Cases offers the highest quality wall mounted, wooden
display cases and shadow boxes for the home and office.