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Collectors Display Cases for Home

We make Memorabilia Display Cases and Shadowboxes because you’ve spent countless hours collecting those all too special items. Now what do you do with them? Too often, we put them on a dusty bookshelf, set them on the table where curious hands can reach them, or worse, leave them in their box, never to be enjoyed. It's time to showcase them with one of our collector's display cases or wall mount display cases.


Memorabilia Display Cases

“Collecting is my joy; it gives me great satisfaction.”

    -    Ursula Andress

We all collect something. For some people its rocks or figurines, and for some others, its coins. Still others collect baseball cards, or action figures, or antiques, or cars. Some people even collect experiences, and keep them written in diaries.

Whatever you collect, it’s important to you. The value you place in your collection is a testament to the time, energy, and creativity you’ve displayed in searching, gathering, refining, and sorting. It doesn’t matter what you collect, it only matters that you love it.

At Home Display Cases .com, we understand how important your collection is to you, and we are dedicated to providing you with a simple and effective way to get the most out of your collection. Our massive inventory of hand-crafted, superior quality memorabilia display cases provide you with the perfect way to share your collection with friends and loved ones. Our collectible display frames, also called collectible shadow boxes, are specially designed to showcase your collection with elegance, panache, and a pinch of pride.

If you’re like most collectors, you don’t have a viable way to show off your collection. You may have a series of boxes, folders, or even paper bags you use to store your most cherished possessions. Don’t keep them hidden in the closet any longer! Our charismatic and sturdy wooden memorabilia frames are made for people just like you!

Let Home Display Cases .com show you a new way to enjoy your collection, and to share your joy with others. Whether you need a wide and deep figurine display case, a tall and shallow case to display newspaper clippings, or just a selection of simple wooden memorabilia frames, we’ve got just the right thing for your collection at just the right price.

Our collectible display frames come in various shapes and sizes. One of our most popular collectible shadow boxes, the Memorabilia Collectors Display Case, measures a full 25” x 33” x 4.5” around the outside with a viewable interior of 20” x 28” x 2.5”, offering you plenty of room to display one or more of the prized possessions in your collection. With a 3.0” wide authentic gallery wood frame trimmed with a gold leaf interior, and an evenly divided two-toned background of green and black felt, these memorabilia display cases will showcase the gems of your collection for years to come.

Or, if you need a figurine display case, our Miniature Memorabilia shadow box measures in at 26.5” x 22.5” x 5” around the outside and 20” x 16” x 2.5” inside, with four pre-built shelves that allow you to arrange your collection however you see fit. With a traditional green felt background and beautifully engraved metal inner frame trim, the Miniature Memorabilia display case is perfectly suited for any den, parlor, or office.

Whatever you collectible display case needs, Home Display Cases .com is proud to provide you with the perfect accent for your wonderful collection.

Our Memorabilia Collectors Display Case lets you create a impressive exhibit. The quality and design of these cases is a testament to our commitment to the pride you take in these valued articles, like when you place in your music memorabilia diplay case for all to see, and so we strive to showcase them prominently. Our movie memorabilia display cases features an eye-catching wood frame that draws attention to your ideal display. The backing is designed to attractively showcase each item on display.

Everything you’ll need to do a professional job is included. From the finished wooden shelves to the sturdy wall hangers to ensure your wall mounted display case sits tightly against the wall is included. The only things you need are those special pieces for display. As always, we welcome your pictures and comments.

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