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Dagger Display Case
This classic Dagger Display Case makes an admirable display that is nothing short of regal. Some things are just meant to showcase, and this is the display case to do it. This case features our highest quality detailed wood frame, the perfect complement to your items and eye-ca...
Regular Price: $389.00
Sale Price: $269.00
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Our knife display cases and sword display cases let you create the ultimate display. Some items are simply meant to display for their craftsmanship and splendor. Each unit includes an eye-catching masterfully crafted wooden frame along with select backings designed to best showcase the items on display.


Sword Display Cases

“Without a sign, his sword the brave man draws, and asks no omen, but his country's cause.”

    -    Homer

The image of the Sword has endured for eons, and is oft repeated in art, history, and literature. Truthfully, there may never again be another weapon that will enjoy both the fame and the infamy of the sword.  Lithe, graceful, sometimes beautiful or brutal, the sword itself is a metaphor for the sharpness of those who use it, and the terrible wounds it can deliver in war.

To this day, modern Marines and various branches of armed service use swords in formal dress, and mythical swords of magical origin continue to fuel movies and books around the world. Who can resist the image of a knight in shining armor, a swashbuckling pirate swinging from a rooftop, or a musketeer fencing up a staircase?

Swords remain one of the most universally admired and revered objects of both artists and collectors, and antique swords command untold sums in sales and auctions every year. If you are a sword admirer or collector, Home Display Cases understands your passion – the sword is truly a magnificent and fearsome invention, worthy of equal parts reverence and wonder.

Our sword shadow boxes are designed to showcase your collectible swords with the might and majesty they deserve – commanding the center of attention in your living room, den, or office. Likewise, our knife and dagger shadow boxes are designed to offer equivalent placement for your smaller ordinance. Collectible knives and daggers command all the same reverence as their larger brothers, and deserve knife display frames of equitable craftsmanship.

For the sword collector, our Knights' Sword Display Case is the ideal sword shadow box for blades of any period or style. With exterior dimensions of 21” x 54” x 6” and interior space measuring 14” x 48” x 3.25”, our premiere sword display case provides all the room you need to showcase your sword, in addition to a scabbard, buckler, or whatever additional memorabilia you prefer. The 3.5” wide Renaissance wood frame offers an engraved metal interior trim, and accents the traditional felt green interior fabric perfectly.

If you’re seeking shadow boxes for knives, our Classic Dagger Display Cases are ideal knife display frames. With an exterior size of 26.5” x 34.5” x 5” and an interior volume of 20” x 28” x 2.5”, you have ample room to display several collectibles daggers or knives as well as a seal, coat of arms, or additional items of your choosing. As with our sword shadow box, this knife display case offers a 3.5” frame of Renaissance wood set against a traditional green felt fabric background.

Whatever types of blades you collect, and whether you need elegant shadow boxes for knives or grandiose display cases for swords, Home Display Cases has the perfect display solution for you. Bring joy to your friends, and strike fear into the hearts of your enemies, with a customized shadow box display from Home Display Cases!

Our Knife Display Cases and Sword Display Cases are handsome, solid wood display cases perfect for displaying your favorite knifes and swords. Each display case is designed to meet specific needs, and is intended to be as unique as the articles it showcases. Everything you need to do a professional job is included. We supply specialty hardware to securely mount your items and showcase them with pride.

What’s more, because it's factory direct, you save money. We stand behind every display case we build and your satisfaction is number one. We offer true one-stop shopping, and provide a 90-day warranty on every product we sell. We pride ourselves in processing your order within five business days and provide free ground shipping in the continental U.S. Once your display case arrives the only thing needed are those special items for display. I think you’ll agree they make a prominent display.

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Dagger Display Case
Regular Price: $389.00
Sale Price: $269.00
Knights' Sword Display Case
Regular Price: $489.00
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Military Sword Display Case
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Sale Price: $389.00
Sword & Dagger Display Case
Regular Price: $699.00
Sale Price: $349.00
Knife & Dagger Display Case
Regular Price: $459.00
Sale Price: $279.00
Dual Sword Display Case
Regular Price: $589.00
Sale Price: $379.00

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