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Model Ship Display Cases

Model Ship Display Cases that capture the imagination and protect that special model. More cases coming shortly. Please contact us with questions or your requirements.

aboutimageThese model ship display cases are more than versatile, theyíre striking. Set them up in your favorite room and, because they're wall mounted display cases, you'll do it without consuming precious floor space. The choice frames are gallery quality wood frames design to catch your attention and to make a statement about the avid collector you are. The clasp opens allowing the frame to hinge open for easy access through the front when needed. The cabinet grade side panel itís attached to not only provides depth, but a finished look from any angle. A sturdy wall hanger is already installed to ensure your case sits securely to the wall and gives it a clean look.

We provide sturdy shelves for your rails. The backing is designed to complement your display and sits over a dense foam backing, so itís easy to arrange off shelf items. Whatís more, factory direct pricing and free shipping add up to real savings. We build our model ship display cases with the same pride you take in your collection. Why trust these treasures to anything less?

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Ship Display Case
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