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Military Sword Display Cases

Swords are symbols that have endured for centuries. They are ubiquitous throughout art and literature, and figure prominently in history. It is the weapon of both fame and brutality. They have become synonymous with the sharpness and the deep wounds they have delivered in war. Beyond their mythical origins, they are still to this day used in formal dress within various branches of service, most notably the Marines.

* * * Three Sword Display Choices for a Time-Honored Tradition * * *

Little wonder swords are among the most admired and coveted objects for collectors. They deserve to be prominently displayed. The best way to display your favorite swords and effects is with a wood display case from Home Display Cases. Our cases provide the detail and workmanship that went into making that fine weapon and will increase the value of its presentation.

We offer wall display cases for displaying your swords and daggers in a variety of styles from small to large. What is important is how you arrange your display. Think about what effects should be displayed alongside it. A scabbard to be sure. What about a photo of the time, a letter sent from battle, or even a flag. The best displays tell a story and capture the viewers' imagination. Why trust your special collectibles to anything less?

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