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Military Retirement Display Cases and Shadow Boxes

As a long standing military tradition, a shadow box is the display case that is presented to a retiring veteran. The tradition dates back centuries and is the best way to recognize years of military service. As a rule, a military shadow box displays a flag, a photo or two, and various military patches, pins and awards decorated over the years.

* * * Three Retirement Display Choices //\\ Large, Medium, & Compact * * *

Military shadow boxes can be simple in design showcasing the basics or are often more elaborate, where the companyís colors are included in the background under a military sword to commemorate service. Either way, itís an important part of a proper send off when your fellow servicemen are retiring.

What to display in your military display cases:
  • Rank insignia
  • Medals
  • Flags
  • Dog Tags
  • Retirement Pins
  • Weapons
  • Engraved Plates
  • Badges
  • Coins
  • A Photo is a must!
Home Display Cases makes the finest wooden display cases. These wall mounted shadow boxes are complete with a quality wood frame and furniture grade shadow box siding that mounts tightly to the wall. Definitely the centerpiece of any room in the home or office. We offer these display cases in various styles and sizes to meet your every need.

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Military Shadow Box Display Case <br>Retirement Series 36"x 24"
Regular Price: $599.00
Sale Price: $349.00
Military Retirement Display Case <br> Medium Size 28"x 20"
Regular Price: $389.00
Sale Price: $269.00
Military Shadowbox Awards Display Case <br> Compact Size 16"x 20"
Regular Price: $349.00
Sale Price: $239.00

Home Display Cases offers the highest quality wall mounted, wooden
display cases and shadow boxes for the home and office.