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Golf Ball Display Cases and Shadow Boxes

Golf Display Case Tournament Series
This Tournament Series Golf Display Case shows your passion for the game. Large enough to display your special items in style. This case drives your viewers onto the green backing for a spectacular display. This display case features our Gallery frame with gold leaf accents that ...
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Sale Price: $279.00
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The game may be humbling, but your golf ball display case doesn’t need to be. What better way to preserve and share your love for golf than with a gorgeous wooden wall display case? Your golf display case serves as more than a living memory, it's also a testament to your passion for the game.

aboutimageOur Golf Display Case series makes it easy for you to create a compelling display with your special golf mementos such as clubs, scorecards, golf tees, and even golf gloves and hats. Have a pair of lucky argyle socks that guaranteed you'd never miss a putt? Why stash them in a sock drawer when they deserve better?

Our golf display cases are perfect for:
  • Highlighting your passion for the game
  • Commemorating a hole-in-one
  • Detailing a professional or amateur golf career
  • Showcasing a golf tournament
  • Memorializing a special golf outing
  • And more. . .

These golf display cases offer unparalleled quality and gorgeous finishes. Exquisite detailing and craftsmanship make these nothing short of heirloom quality. We offer a number of gallery-quality frames, ensuring that your golf memories receive the VIP treatment they deserve. Cabinet-grade side panels provide both depth and that attractive view from any angle that you come to expect in a wall display case. Special mounting hardware allows for a tight fit against the wall for a professional, built-in look.

We provide a 90-day warranty and stand behind our sports display products. Factory direct convenience and free shipping work together to ensure you save money as well. We know you're anxious to showcase your dedication to golf, which is why we process and ship all orders within five business days. Order your golf display case today and get ready to create an eye-catching display for your home, shop, clubhouse, or office.

While the trials and tribulations of the sport of golf are legendary, golf fans and amateurs alike are among the fiercest and most loyal adherents of any sport on Earth. Moreover, the lucky widgets and charms carried by nearly all golfers are as legendary as the sport itself. Lucky tees behind the ear, lucky covers over golf clubs, and lucky socks that haven’t see a washing machine in months are all par for the course with serious golfers.

At Home Display Cases, we understand your enthusiasm and energy. Golfing is a lifestyle, and our golf display cases are specifically designed to provide you with a way to show off your most prized possessions in an original and artistic way.

Wall display cases – also known as shadow boxes – allow you to choose an assortment of your most beloved or luckiest golf memorabilia, such as cleats, balls, or even clubs, as well as a smattering of ancillary items like score cards, pencils, or tees, and freeze them in a timeless piece of art that can adorn the walls of your study or office, adding a touch of class, personality, and style to any setting.

While golf shadow boxes may be common in the executive world, most such displays are limited to a single golf ball display case resting on a desk. While golf ball display cases are certainly personal, they simply don’t provide anywhere near the same amount of individualism or character as our full-sized wall display cases.

Home Display Cases offers you three different and unique kinds of shadow boxes you can use to advertise your love for, and skill in, the venerable game of golf.

Our standard Golf Display Cases measure 21” x 25” x 4.5” at the exterior, 16” x 20” x 2.5” at the interior, and have an overall 1.0” frame height. A light sea- green felt backing provides a classical tone, while the 3” wide gallery wood frame adds a note of natural beauty. This display box comes with three separate tees pre-installed, allowing you to showcase your game winning balls with ease, and offers two interior wooden picture frames at no additional charge.

Our Tournament Series golf display Cases measure 33” x 25” x 4.5” at the exterior, 28” x 20” x 2.5” at the interior, and also have an overall 1.0” frame height. Dark green felt backing offers traditional golf tournament character, and a gold leaf accent at the frame interior strikes an elegant and appealing tone. An additional wooden picture frame is included, and the entire display case is built over a dense foam underlay, ensuring any memorabilia you mount on the inside will remain snug and secure.

Our Special Edition Golf display case is the Cadillac of this series. With exterior measurements of 29” x 41” x 4.5” interior measurements of 24” x 36” x 2.5”, and a 1.0” inch frame with gold leaf accent, this display case has all the room you need to display everything you love about golf. A multi-level lower section provides a perfect place for balls or trophies, and the rich, leather-style backing offers a smooth and stylish finishing aesthetic.

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Golf Display Case Tournament Series
Regular Price: $499.00
Sale Price: $279.00
Golf Display Case
Regular Price: $359.00
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Golf Display Case Special Edition
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