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Premier Stamp Collector's Display Case
A stamp collector’s dream. Take those special series and put them in this elegant display. This case comes complete with 5 collector boxes that fit under the accent matting to create a fascinating display. Everything you need is in the box. The collector boxes are individual boxes...
Regular Price: $659.00
Sale Price: $389.00
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aboutimage What’s not to love about stamp collecting? Whether their historical value, geographical significance or the myriad subjects they cover; there’s a collection worth showcasing. That’s why we’ve created a series of stamp display cases that are designed to showcase that special collection in style and elegance. Our Stamp Display Case series lets you take those favorite stamps out of the album and safely display them with pride. Fascinate your fellow collectors and friends with a classic display that looks like it came from a museum.

Each stamp display case features a gallery quality wood frame designed to call attention to your stamp display while showing what an avid enthusiast you are. The frame provides access through the front when needed and is otherwise shut with a brass clasp. Various appointments such as accent matting and contrasting backgrounds make these displays look truly professional in every way. The sides are furniture grade cabinets that give it a polished look from any direction and set the standard in wall mounted display cases.

Everything you need to do an expert job is included. Frames and specialty collector boxes are provided, depending on the case or stamp shadowbox you choose. A rugged wall hanger is installed on the back of every case to safely attach your display to the wall. What’s more, factory direct pricing and free shipping add up to real savings.

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Regular Price: $499.00
Sale Price: $289.00
Premier Stamp Collector's Display Case
Regular Price: $659.00
Sale Price: $389.00
Stamp Collectors Display Case Series
Regular Price: $539.00
Sale Price: $329.00

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